Live@Work - 19_KW37 - Zissel at Kassel

The Zissel is for Kassel and surroundings the homeland and tradition celebration, which attracts every year on the first August weekend many guests on the Zissel Mile at the Fulda. In addition to the programme on several music stages, there is a lot for visitors to discover in the vicinity of the Zissel-Mile - including the Auebad.

For this year there should be a new edition of the Night-Diving-Show from 2017, which not only my brother and I remember well. So, we put the 2019 edition under the motto: the best of 2017 combined with a few small new accents. True to this motto, the lighting concept was consequently changed only in some details. The focus was again 12 Martin Mac Aura XB on the jump tower. Four horizontally positioned vertical fog machines (ADJ Fog Fury Jett) on four of the five platforms, this time to ascend to new heights with the fog, formed a new accent. Only the positions of the LED PARs were changed around the pool, so that now also light at floor level behind the tower was shining in the direction of the spectators. Consequently, we positioned 4 LightmaXX Platinum LED MINI PAR Tri-LED on the long sides and 4 Eurolite LED KLS-3002 on the head side. In addition to the bars a Futurelight DMH-160 Spots Moving Head found its place for the show.

Even though the construction of 2017 has remained well in mind and although there were only minor changes to the lighting concept, it has paid off to give some detailed thought to the wiring of all devices beforehand. In the end, a total of five DMX lines were played out via our Octo-Art-Net-Node by Ulrich Radig in order to lay all cables compactly. In the course of planning the cabling, I defined the patch completely in parallel and immortalized it in the cable planning, because especially the universe on the tower didn't leave much room for experiments anymore.

Not only on the hardware side has a lot happened over the two years. On the software side, there were also noticeable further developments. Common features to the project in DMXControl 3 of the 2017 edition were that the movements and positions of the wash moving heads on the tower were taken over from DMXControl 3 as far as possible. The entire internal structure came from another project in DMXControl 3, where the changes and further development of the operating concept originated. Rebuilding one of my projects of the newer generation was the more effective way than updating the changes made.

During the three shows on Zissel Saturday there was full throttle and action in the light, but from show to show more and more equipment was integrated. So, the vertical fog machines were only used a little at show 2, the spot moving heads even at the third and last show, because it was completely dark here and the overall effect was so natural. This also pleased the numerous spectators who flocked from the mile onto the grounds or followed the show at the Auedamm with some distance. However, the fence guests were not allowed to experience the show in the truest sense of the word.

All in all, it was again a real highlight and despite a beginning routine it was instructive at the same time. My brother and I are already looking forward to the next issue, which, if the audience is interested, could take place directly in 2020.