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    Replied to the thread How to automate the kernel?.
    Please find attached a simple demo project. Take a look into the Input assignment how it is done.

    Beside the Inputs and Outputs there are lot's of functions existing that can be used in the "Graph" overview.

    Simply add an Empty connection set, open it and…
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  • Soon5

    Replied to the thread How to automate the kernel?.
    (Quote from Jeremy)

    That's not really on the roadmap, but we plan to improve the way the software is started with 3.3 by having a seperate Loader Program which can be parameterized via the command line. At least you should be able to start the Kernel and…
  • Soon5

    Replied to the thread How to automate the kernel?.

    Just use a Timer and assign it to the "Play" Input of the Cuelist. The Timer should trigger the play as soon as the Project is loaded.


  • JPK

    Lately we have published many new things and also tried out something new. So it's time for a little review and also a preview of what's to come.
  • I am looking for a way to return the name/ID of a cuelist on a dynamic executor to a softdesk label within Input Assignment without setting it so Cuelist n is on Executor n. Also to know if the Executor is hosting a running cuelist to return an…
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    Damit deine Frage etwas mehr Aufmerksamkeit erzielt, solltest du besser einen neuen Thread im Allgemeinen Bereich des Forums eröffnen. Diese Nachricht / Anfrage an dieser Stelle hier auf deinem Profil bekommen die "normalen" Nutzer nicht mit, weil…
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    H I L F E ! ! !

    Liebes DMX Control Gemeinde,

    ich betreue für meinen Verein in Köln die Lichttechnik. Ich quälte mich die letzten Jahre mit einem Futurelight cp 512 und einigen Lightmax LED TRI 18 sowie PAR Strahlern und 3 Lightmaxx Effekten herum.

    Ich habe…
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    It's time to try out new formats on our YouTube channel. Join us for the first "Live Coding with Arne!".

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