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Maybe one or the other of you remembers our live coverage during our annual meeting in Loitsche near Magdeburg, which took place unscheduled in person (only) in August 2021. Here, the marketing team already met in a small group a few days before the actual meeting to shoot various videos in the Werk- und Kulturscheune. However, we did not reveal at this point what the content of the videos would be. It should be a surprise for you.

A part of this surprise we have now revealed in the context of our April Fool's joke last Saturday, which indeed brought a lot of true content. The fact that one or the other of you didn't take this news as an April Fool's joke due to the numerous plausible statements can also be seen in the comments. Rather, these comments showed us that we hit the mark in the truest sense of the word and confirmed our long-cherished plan.

Because as described in our April Fool's joke, we don't want everything to revolve around DMXContorl 3 or our Nodles. We would like to support you beyond that straight with the entrance into the world of the light technology. It does not help you to get along only with the software, but you should understand in the same context also the technical background on the other side and adapt it for your purposes. Because if it doesn't work properly on the equipment side, there will be no light show.

For this reason, we have produced exactly such videos in Loitsche, where it is among other things about the general basics of lighting control. And you can watch the first video from this section now on our YouTube channel. More will follow in the next weeks. So you can be curious what we have produced in front of the camera in 2021 - after all, at the time we were talking about video material for up to seven videos. We are conversely curious and look forward to feedback from you.

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