We proudly present: The DMXCP.univers(ity)

The association DMXControl Projects serves the goal to explain the necessary technical basics to beginners in the computer controlled light and multimedia show and to develop free instructions for the general use. It primarily addresses people interested in technology who want to use DMX technology in the environment of private parties, in school discos, amateur theater performances and non-professional applications. The focus of the association's work is the further development of the software DMXControl as freeware as well as accompanying tools by active cooperation of the association members. The activities are extended by the presentation and development of electronic tools. An essential aspect of the work is also to point out to the users the limits of amateur work and to publish necessary safety regulations to protect users from harm. The association aims to provide a web platform for the education and exchange of experience of the target audience on the subject of lighting control in the non-professional area, primarily with DMXControl, so that for example hobby DJs and amateur lighting technicians can exchange application and project reports. ...

This introductory paragraph is a direct copy from the preamble of our association statutes, which you can view on our association homepage. Here the founding members described exactly what we would like to take to a new level starting today. We would like to offer you, after the long time full of imponderables, as far as possible the normality again, from today on a purposeful platform, in which exactly the topics described at the beginning find place:

  • Teaching of technical basics around the topic of light control in the most different stages of development,
  • support in finding the border between the amateur area and professionalism,
  • exchange on the subject of lighting control in the non-professional or semi-professional area,
  • and much more, which has to do with light and show technology apart from software and hardware development.

As is well known, we have always been open for exactly such questions here in the forum, which is why the general area in the forum has existed from the very beginning. This will not change in the future. The same is true for our new Discord server, which has been up and running for about two months now.

But to put all this only in a general area is not up to date from our point of view. With the already described raising of this topic area to a new level we would like to establish the brand "The DMXCP.univers(ity)" together with you.

What do we have in mind here? For the moment we start with this new brand. In the further course we would like to organize for example also times purposeful topic evenings, which line up themselves all under this mark. In our livestream from the beginning of the year we asked you exactly this question, whether topics beyond DMXControl itself could be interesting for you. And who knows us, knows that we do not do things by halves in such cases. From now on our new brand "The DMXCP.univers(ity)" belongs to it.

So, you can be curious what will develop together with you in the next days, weeks and months. We from our side are it already now. :)

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo