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Those of you who know our previous Christmas livestreams know that we not only look back on the year together with you. We also used the format to answer your spontaneous questions about DMXControl 3. But what always interested you the most were the insights into the new versions of DMXControl 3, which were always in development at that time.

For our Livestream next Tuesday from approx. 20:00 o'clock it required therefore already some deliberation time, which points we should put so to speak on the agenda. In the end, the decision was clear: all of them! So, it will be a back-one-outlook. We have also thought about a focus that will run through the evening. We would like to take a look together with you into the executors - a function, which exists already for a long time in DMXControl 3, but up to now possibly underestimated. Within this focus alone, there will certainly be one or the other surprise. If you have any questions about all our topics: you can ask them as always both on YouTube or here in the forum.

Therefore - tune in next Tuesday when it's again: "DMXControl Projects live!". We have already prepared the livestream accordingly on our YouTube channel. We are looking forward to it! :)

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl Team :dmxclogo

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