Association News - 23_CW14 - Let's travel

At the beginning of the year, we announced in our livestream that we want to go to Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt this year (again). This will already take place at the end of this month from 25.04. to 28.04.2023. After a small internal vote, our visit date is now fixed: our delegation will spend the day at the fair on Wednesday, 26.04.2023. Contrary to our first considerations, however, we will forego the second day at the fair, so that it will be a day trip for all of us. How we distribute ourselves on the day at the fair is not yet determined. But for sure we will visit the lightshows of the big manufacturers, which were always worth seeing in the last years. Otherwise, we let ourselves be surprised a bit, what we discover in the time from 10:00 clock to 18:00 clock so. At this point we would also like to thank the company Highlite, who provided us with the tickets for our visit to the fair. If on this day someone of you also on fair: you will certainly discover us again and look forward to a small exchange with you.

The second big trip is related to our annual meeting. This year, after 2018, we are going again to Christian in Nußdorf am Inn, near Rosenheim. From 18.05. to 21.05.2023 - namely the Ascension weekend - we quartered with him in the "Stadl". Content details are currently still in coordination. Here also topics are gladly found at short notice, which can be or should be discussed in the large round. But one program point is already set: the annual general meeting. What we will experience during our meeting, you can read in different news.

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