Save the Date: Spot On #3 - New little helper

In our last live stream about the version of DMXControl 3 that is currently under development, we presented you an extensive insight into the completely newly developed and functionally extended Executors. Now, after a longer time, we want to show you again an excerpt of the new features and improvements in DMXControl 3.3 that you can look forward to with the release. This time we put the livestream under the title: Spot on: New little helpers.

As known from other areas, also in DMXControl 3 small helpers are always very very useful. So, it should be then also in DMXControl 3.3. Of course, we will not betray the details here in this news yet. Only so much: it is on the one hand something for the eye, on the other hand we have also extended existing functions and partly renewed.

So, it's worth tuning in. The date for the livestream is Monday, 07.11.2022 from 20:00. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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