Save the Date: Spot on #5 - gRPC live!

Of course, you ask yourself while reading the introduction: how are we able to show you gRPC? As we know, gRPC is actually a framework developed by Google, based on the RPC protocol, for calling functions in distributed computer systems. With these words Wikipedia describes "gRPC" in the introductory sentence to the article of the same name. With a rather unspectacular look into the code, we don't get further here...

In order to make the topic more understandable for you, we would rather like to show you in the upcoming livestream, which influences the rebuilding of the network communication between GUI and kernel will bring in concrete terms - meaning (almost) everything you can touch with the mouse or see on the screen as a finished program. We will have a look at the parts of DMXControl 3 that have to do with the network communication part on the one hand. On the other side you will see for the first time the effects of this conversion. Because with the said gRPC rebuild, new functions and also changes have flowed into DMXControl 3 at one or the other place.

In addition to all the new functions, we have once again thought of one or two surprises for this livestream.

Have we made you curious with this announcement? Then take a look at our YouTube channel next Monday, 27.02.2023 from around 20:00 o’clock. We are happy to be able to give you an insight into the upcoming version of DMXControl 3.3 and in the same breath we are curious about your comments and questions on the topic of gRPC in the live chat during the stream!

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