15 years DMXControl Projects - the livestream

We've mentioned it in passing from time to time, but never really announced it: our traditional club meeting is on the agenda from 09.05. to 12.05.2024. We've been busy planning in the background for a few weeks now - after all, we have something to celebrate. Our association will be 15 years old this year and the “DMXControl” project is already celebrating its 20th birthday.

To mark the occasion, we are going to the place where it all began: near Braunschweig. This year, we will be staying in the premises of the parish in Destedt and will also be using the local church.

But why this is now “necessary” in the end, that we will also be in the Ephianias Church in Destedt, we will show you on Friday, 10.05.2024 from about 20:30. We have put a livestream on our agenda, which should really last quite exactly 60 minutes this time ;) Among other things, we will look back on the last few years since our anniversary in Berlin and show you the reason for choosing this year's venue. We will finalize further points at our meeting. All in all, it should certainly be worth tuning in or watching afterwards.

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