Save the Date: Spot on #4 - Let's build DDFs

As many of you have noticed quite fast with the first contact with DMXControl 3: Without a DDF very little runs in DMXControl 3, in particular also due to the hardware abstraction layer (short HAL). Since we can help you unfortunately at present only conditionally with a software tool, which supports you with the production of such a DDF, the writing can become quite once not so simple.

To help you a little bit before the holidays, our next livestream in our Spot on series in a relaxed atmosphere with coffee, cake and cookies will be about exactly this topic: the creation of DDFs for DMXControl 3.

In the livestream we will go through the complete way of creating DDFs for DMXControl 3 with different devices from our inventory. We will take a first look into the manual, interpret the different device functions, and put them into the context of DMXControl 3. For some functions we will do some reverse engineering. All this we then write into the actual DDF with the help of our documentation as well as other already finished DDFs and then test it live with the available devices. Besides writing DDFs, we will also summarize for you why and how DDFs are actually so important in DMXControl 3. And because it is a livestream, you have of course at any time the possibility to ask us appropriate questions to this topic.

We look forward already now to a few comfortable hours with you at and before the PC - namely on Monday, 19.12.2022 starting from approx. 20:00 o'clock.

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