DMXControl Convention 2022 - Special No. 3 - Colorful evening

The welcome was short and sweet without much ado. We took more time for the marketing analysis. In addition to the notorious hype curve, this time we took a look at the statistics of all our offerings over the last few years. Especially exciting proved to be the look beyond current developments in the market of software-based solutions for lighting control. Last but not least, we had two employees of the year to choose from. Because in 2020, at our first digital meeting, this point had unfortunately fallen by the wayside.

Afterwards we continued with games, fun and excitement. Those of you who are familiar with our older reports on our club meetings will remember a little game show called "Beat DMXControl", which we played at our meeting in Eschwege near Kassel in 2013. Based on this highlight, it was now time to lift the game, which was still played in DMXControl 2, into the current time. So, Stefan had thought in advance to implement the game in a new version with the new possibilities that DMXControl 3 offers with Softdesk and several stream decks. So we ended up playing a total of five games, including "Guessing", "True or False" or "Light Ping Pong". The teams often had to think hard about the questions - some of them were quite challenging.

The remaining hours of the day were spent working in small groups. At the developer table we continued to work on getting the installer for the current beta version up and running again after numerous changes. Also, various points for our IT infrastructure were tested and checked. All in all, the group gradually thinned out and one by one we went to the sleeping area.

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