DMXControl Convention 2022 - Special No. 5 - Good Night

The last, literally full day is slowly coming to an end. The first participants have already gone to their sleeping places. In the large main room, there are still more industrious discussions, but they rather serve the exchange of concrete questions on concrete development topics. In terms of content, it has become quieter in the meantime. In the end, two comparatively short nights somehow leave their mark.

But how did today go? The breakfast was immediately followed by our annual general meeting. Since there were no elections on the agenda, we completed this comparatively quickly on average, without neglecting the mandatory points of such a meeting and in particular important internal topics of the association in any way. In the connection we dared directly also a view into the future, where we want to organize preferentially our next meeting. Thereby a reasonable roadmap emerged, so that we can start with the concrete planning in due time.

In the further course of the day we dispersed again into the team islands, whereby all could observe a lively circulation. Particular attention was drawn to a mixing console that was not being used for its main function today - the mixing of numerous audio signals. Accordingly, sometimes more, sometimes less participants gathered around the table and observed and listened to the conversations. All in all, we gained some interesting insights there, which we would like to present to you again at a later time. With another story, which actually already accompanied the whole meeting, we could achieve slight progress: the installer for the version in the beta test - DMXControl 3.3. But the end of the flagpole is unfortunately not yet reached. Corresponding sounds of dissatisfaction can be heard every now and then.

A highlight on this day was again the common dinner. After the palate-pleasing main courses, it was now a delicious dessert in the form of a warm strawberry-rhubarb dessert with crumble and vanilla ice cream. For some sporty activities following the rich dinner the now again fully working billiard table provided.

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