DMXControl Convention 2023 - Special No. 5 - General Meeting

Today we had to get up earlier. In our initial plans, it would have been unfortunately already noon today for individual participants to leave. And since the annual general meeting is an official obligatory event according to the German Civil Code (BGB), where the board has to give account to the members of the association, there was a corresponding invitation. As every year, it was not possible for individual members of the association to attend the annual general meeting in person for personal reasons. After all, there was in our association from the beginning to attend the annual general meeting digitally.

In terms of content, there was not that much out of the ordinary. More exciting this time was the election of our new cash auditor. For the first ballot, we quickly found two more interested candidates besides our current one. In the end, there was a stalemate despite 19 people being eligible to vote: all three candidates received the same number of votes. After one candidate withdrew his candidacy for the second ballot, the hope was that we would get a clear result. But wrongly thought: also in this ballot there was a stalemate, because again enough abstentions came together that the votes were equally distributed. Only in the third ballot was there a clear result.

After the official closing, we had to take this year's group photo. A suitable motif was quickly found - even in better light conditions.

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