Association News - 22_CW16: The project and the visualation

The 05.04.2022 was all about our livestream "Spot On: Effects over Effects over Effects". As requested by you, we have highlighted here comprehensively what beautiful things you can conjure up just by the clever parameterization and combination of effects and filters in DMXControl 3. Now we would like to keep our promise, which was part of the concept for this livestream from the beginning: under the following link you can download the ZIP archive in the download area of the DMXControl homepage, which contains the project we built during the livestream as well as the visualization in Easy View.

To make it easier for you to find your way around, we have now simplified the project considerably and freed it from ballast that is not needed for viewing. On the one hand, this includes the reduction to the devices we mainly worked with during the livestream. Secondly, we have also significantly simplified the patch with the reduction. So, the six spot moving heads (Futurelight DMH-80) and a "ring" consisting of six LED bars (Eurolite LED PIX-12 QCL) are now combined on one DMX universe. This makes it correspondingly easier to pass the DMX values to Easy View. Thirdly, we have checked the effects again and made sure that they are directly visible in Easy View as soon as you execute the three scene lists one after the other.

If you want to try out other effects based on our examples, keep the following in mind, especially for the LED bars: The LED bars have a master dimmer for all twelve pixels. This is also implemented in Easy View. So, you have to set the dimmer of the device group "PIX-A" to 100% and then adjust the existing effect that is stored on the device group "LBB-A". As you can see in the assignments of the two device groups, the device group "PIX-A" only contains the LED bars in the matrix variant including the device-internal master dimmer and the strobe function, while the six by twelve single pixels are stored in the device group "LBB-A". As you know, this workaround with the division into 1 + 12 devices is necessary so that you can actually control the individual pixels with the effects and filters - in the case of the LED bars used in the York, there are twelve pixels per LED bar.

While adapting the project, we have now also set corresponding markers in the livestream. This allows you to take a closer look at how we build the respective effect live and which things you might have to pay attention to.

If you have any questions after watching the livestream, don't hesitate to open a thread in the forum. Otherwise, we wish you again a lot of fun watching the recording and building the effects.

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo