Association News - 24_CW27 - Wanted: Location for our annual meeting

Anyone who knows us knows that we are scattered all over Germany. That's why we always try to find places for our annual meetings where someone else can enjoy the shortest journey and someone else has a longer journey to and from. Even if we now know one or two locations well and know that they work well for us, we are always all the more pleased when we get together in new places. The highlights were our last two anniversary meetings in 2019 at HTW Berlin and recently at the church in Destedt near Braunschweig.

So, before we return to familiar places for 2025, we would like to take this opportunity to ask you: do you happen to know a good and suitable location near you where we can organize our annual meeting together with you? Or perhaps you have a good tip on where we should ask? As far as the type of accommodation is concerned, it could be a youth facility, a community centre, a barn, the local clubhouse, a school, or something similar - for cost reasons, we tended to steer clear of traditional accommodation such as youth hostels.

What other requirements would we have for the location?

  • We need overnight accommodation for approx. 25 people, whereby "only" the rooms with bathroom and shower are required - we will bring our own sleeping accommodation if necessary.
  • For the day, there should be a larger room with tables and chairs so that we can work and discuss in the various teams.
  • We need stable internet connection so that we can effectively access our development systems, for example.
  • As we are self-catering, we prepare our own food, so we would be happy to have a suitably equipped kitchen and barbecue capabilities.
  • We would also like to have good transport connections so that we can travel by bus and train as far as the surrounding area - we will organize a transport service for the last mile internally.
  • The potential location should be available from 29.05. to 01.06.2025, the Ascension weekend.

What are your benefits if you happen to know a suitable location and then spend the meeting with us?

  • You get to know us personally and can talk and philosophize directly with all participants about a wide variety of topics related to what we do.
  • Apart from software (development), you can also discuss other topics with us and soak up a lot of knowledge - keyword "swarm intelligence".
  • Your soft skills will benefit thanks to our many years of professional experience in a wide variety of areas, and you will experience first-hand how collaboration can work despite the local distraction.
  • Your knowledge of DMXControl 3 will certainly benefit from this - perhaps even based on a specific application.
  • With our support, you will end up with the tools to plan and carry out a similar event yourself.
  • Various minor repairs and optimizations are usually included free of charge.
  • We are extremely low-maintenance and super self-catering - cooking and barbecue tips included.

To give you a good impression of how things went at our last annual meeting, take a look at this year's annual meeting in Destedt. So, if you have any ideas - let us know! The date has already been set: as already mentioned, it's the Ascension weekend again, which in 2025 falls on May 29 to June 1, 2025.

However, this is not a must in this sense - we can also plan for the longer term and then talk about Ascension Day 2026, for example - especially considering the aspect mentioned at the beginning that we always have the issue of travel in mind when making the choice. Conversely, this also means that our call is not limited to a single event. So, we look forward to your suggestions and tips!

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