Association News - 24_KW25 - Our Nodle R4S, finally

Anyone who has taken a look at our store over the past few months will have noticed that a few Nodle R4S have been in stock from time to time. But then it had to be quick, because the small quantities were quickly sold out again. For this reason, we recently avoided from paying any attention to a renewed arrival of goods on a larger scale.

Now the tide has turned a little. Last week, we received a delivery of 25 units of the Nodle R4S in the 3-pole version, which have already been added to our shop. We hope that those of you who have been thinking about buying one for a while will now be able to do so. We also hope that stocks will not run out as quickly as they did after the last deliveries. However, we are still in close contact with our manufacturer to ensure that we receive new supplies soon, for example for the 5-pole version.

We wish all those who will soon be holding their new Nodle R4S in their hands lots of fun working creatively with the devices connected to it!

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo