Save the Date: The Great Follow-Up-Livestream

We had to deal with some technical problems during our (post-)Christmas livestream. Even the beginning was a littlebit sketchy, because the stream started with a delay. Once it was up and running, we had some massive image errors in both the camera images and the screen captures after some time. After the livestream, measurements revealed the cause: The internet connection of the DMXControl member responsible for the video editing had dropouts and the bandwidth was massively reduced, due to which we couldn't transfer the video data to the video editing computer fast enough. This caused the image dropouts and distortions. To reduce the probability of such problems in the future, we try to move the video editing to one of our servers, especially for such large streams with many sources.

We would like to try this out for our next livestream. As promised for the Christmas livestream, this one will be about the executors. On the one hand, we will have more time to go into more detail about the work with executors in DMXControl 3.2.3. On the other hand, we want to show you where the journey with executors will go with DMXControl 3.3 and what you expect in this future version. Therefore:

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo