DMXControl Convention 2021 - Special No. 3 - Finally again our hype curve

In recent years, it had become customary for us to start the meeting with our famous marketing analysis after the official welcome by our board. In the early days, it was actually still an "oh, do we really need to do this to ourselves?" But over the years, the marketing analysis developed into something very exciting and, above all, very fun, so that we always looked forward to it in advance. And after the marketing analysis fell victim, so to speak, to the first online edition of our association meeting last year, we only realized today how much we missed this point.

In any case, the so-called hype curve is always part of this marketing analysis. While in the beginnings DMXControl 2 was in the focus, as also seen in the wiki report to our annual meeting 2007, our attention is meanwhile logically on DMXControl 3. With the today's view it showed up directly also that we take DMXControl 2 now completely out of the curve. Secondly, we will look at DMXControl 3 in two ways in the future, namely once in view of the current version and once the one that is in development.

Besides the hype curve, the marketing analysis often includes some kind of workshop or outlook into the future. No matter which of the variants then appears in the slides: it always guarantees a lively discussion and, as a result, interesting and exciting ideas. One insight from today's marketing analysis is that even for us, the creation of a so-called technology radar could be worthwhile. In such a radar, which is also a well-known working tool in many companies, the surrounding influences are considered and evaluated. From this radar, corresponding work steps and follow-up activities can be derived, which go beyond "simple" feature requests and the regular maintenance of the software.

And so, it came as it had to: even with only seven slides in the PowerPoint presentation of this year's marketing analysis, another two hours of our annual meeting flew by. Since we also did not start the program until 9:00 p.m., some participants said goodbye not much later to their well-deserved night's rest.

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