DMXControl Convention 2021 - Special No. 2 - Keep, merge or can be discarded?

It is a well-known fact that when developing new functions or major error corrections, this is not done on the "living object", but rather additional rooms are created. These rooms are called branches in the development context. Within these Branches one can move completely freely and try out the most different things, before one leads it back into the main branch - thus merges. One of these branches existed for example for the conversion of the network communication between GUI and kernel to gRPC. If the development was not what one had imagined, one can discard such tests otherwise quite simply again, without having to worry about: "do I break now something"?

In addition to this major rebuild of the network communication, smaller functions were also developed, or existing ones were improved in parallel. This afternoon we took the time to have a look at these numerous smaller branches. Because with the advanced age of a branch, it can become more and more difficult to include these functions in the current development status, despite the use of a source control management system. Over the years, of course, there are numerous changes and improvements to the main branch at the same time, which then bring conflicts when merging. The second point is that the implementation may have been done in a different way or, in the end, may simply no longer be state of the art and therefore only serve as "inspiration".

Even if the number of existing branches in our SCM system was limited, it makes the work easier, if this list is accordingly small. In the context of our round, we could eliminate so at the end now some. And among them were a few branches that contained a few new features for the next version of DMXControl 3.

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