DMXControl Convention 2021 - Special No. 4 - Of crashing and flying

Even though today is a normal working day and some of us actually have to work, the first ones are back. Thereby the first problems are solved again. So DMXControl 3 currently bangs in an internal test version if the network card has two IP addresses.

This was just already repaired by Arne. Last night we also updated our videoconferencing system. To do this, we first set up a new server and brought it up in parallel. Since we still needed an old Linux version of our old BBB, which has been out of support for a short time, this step was more than necessary. During the move, we also removed some additional overhead. However, the system is now flying, and we are already working with it. Also, the new features have already been tried out directly by all newcomers.

Today's appointments are the IT infrastructure team meeting at 12:00, a meeting between Arne and Joseph at 16:00 about a plugin and tonight around 19:30 the marketing meeting. So, we do have a few appointments for the day today.

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