DMXControl Convention 2021 the second one - Special No. 4 - We are complete

Yesterday brought another big challenge for the video shoot. On the one hand, due to the good results of the previous day, we were able to add more topics to our shooting schedule. However, one of the videos had not yet been roughly discussed in advance, so that we first had to write the complete text and make final arrangements in several rehearsal rounds. In the end, this took up the entire afternoon. So we started with the production of one of our more complex videos only at a late stage. Here we could already fall back on a basic concept. However, this concept also needed some fine-tuning, especially since the final scope of the video only became apparent over the course of the day. At the same time, we had to prepare a project in DMXControl 3 that would match the sequence. All in all, the recordings for this video started late in the evening. And their end was heading visibly towards the day change. In the end, the complexity of this video and the slowly decreasing concentration became apparent, after the day had been quite exhausting.

Away from the video shooting, the first participants of the big circle were already arriving. It had turned out that for one or the other an early arrival was possible, because Friday had already been planned as a vacation day for a longer period of time.

Friday was also again the focus of two video shoots. Already on the day before we thought about a rough timetable, which we wanted to have done before the start of the actual club meeting. This meant that we would shoot two more videos if possible. For both of them, we again had to finalize the roughly discussed roadmap and adapt the text accordingly. In addition, for both videos we also needed two extensions of the DMXC project from the previous day. The first video of the day was finished shortly after noon. Then we had to rebuild the video setup for the last video one more time. Because of the increasingly advancing time we started with this video, however, again finally the attempt to get through only with key points. You'll see if this worked out on our YouTube channel when the time comes.

We also had to hurry with the shooting of this seventh video because all the other remaining participants arrived one by one. As we know, the need for a lively exchange after more than two years was quite high, so we didn't want to stop this by shooting the video longer than necessary.

After the last flap fell, the big clearing began. The video team had taken over a large part of the barn. Now, however, the entire area had to be prepared for about 20 people to tinker and work on PCs, laptops or hardware equipment. Around 7:30 p.m. our real club meeting finally started with a speech at the buffet. The further program points of the evening consisted of a detailed presentation of the project "Werk- und Kulturscheune Loitsche" and the already announced to our last virtual meeting working out of a technology radar for DMXControl 3. As already described in our report to the first annual meeting such a technology radar serves to follow up technological developments of any kind, which affect our project in any way. Here, too, the results of our survey held appropriate attention. The remaining evening was then used to work in small groups or to play with VR glasses.

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