Association News - 19_CW47 - Visualizer of L8 LLC

As reported some of us were at Prolight&Sound 2019 in Frankfurt this year (see Association News - 19_CW15 - Visiting the Prolight + Sound 2019). At that time we had roughly outlined that new possibilities might arise from this visit. Now it is bearing its first fruits in the form of an affordable 3D visualizer for stages and other places where DMX-controlled fixtures, moving heads etc. are used.

At the fair, our attention was drawn to the stand of L8 LLC from Kiev during the tour of the fairgrounds. At this stand we saw their Visualizer and were enthusiastic about the quality of the presentation. From our interest rises a longer conversation with the representatives of the company. They showed us how to program lightshows very well in advance thanks to a very realistic and jerk-free rendering of the fixtures including a fog simulation. In the low budget area there is a lack of reasonable stage visualizers, but the main products of L8 are more aimed at the professional market. That's why we asked during the course of the conversation for an inexpensive version of their professional Visualizer. After an internal coordination and consultation with us, L8 LLC has now put together a Community Edition:

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This version has the following limitations compared to the next more expensive Net version with dongle (see corresponding table):

  • PC-bound single-user license without dongle
  • 64 devices
  • 2 input universes via Art-Net or sACN
  • 1 year support instead of unlimited support

In our opinion, however, these limitations should not be a problem for most of our users' setups. Thus the Community Edition of the Visualizer offers a very good alternative to 3D Easy View for a relatively low price. Additionally you can enter the discount code DMXControlProjects2019 when ordering, which will give you an additional small discount.

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Disclaimer: We have no cooperation with L8 LLC and are not affiliated with L8 LLC in any way.