Save the Date: Spot On #7 - The Timecode Player

In our penultimate news we made the first rough announcement for what we now want to wrap up with this news. As in previous years, we would like to spend an enjoyable and entertaining evening with you in front of the camera, PC or tablet at the end of the year.

The content should be particularly exciting for you, which is why we have kept it for the end of the year: we would like to introduce you to the new timecode player in DMXControl 3.3.0 for the first time and interactively. It can be used to create light shows synchronized to music, among other things, but also a lot more. It is not just a pure audio player, as many know it from DMXControl 2. We'll reveal everything the new timecode player can do live in detail. Because, as you've noticed, we've always skillfully avoided this point and there's been very little else to read about it - apart from the fact that it will definitely be included in DMXControl 3.3.0 and that we're also testing it.

So, you can look forward to seeing what we have come up with. Conversely, we are looking forward to your reactions. So that you can be there on Thursday, 28.12. from approx. 20:00, you will receive the early announcement today as announced. We look forward to seeing you there in large numbers - on YouTube as a viewer, in the chat for the livestream or in parallel on our Discord server.

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