Association News - 19_CW44_2 - Showtec Net-2/5 Review der Verbindungsprobleme

In several threads in the forum there were reports about problems controlling the Art-Net interfaces Showtec Net-2/3 or Net-2/5 with DMXControl 3. In order to solve those problems, we bought a Showtec Net-2/5 from Thomann at our cost and started to analyze the connection problems. Several problems appeared in the firmware V0.4 of the Art-Net interface. We contacted Highlite, the manufacturer of the Art-Net interface, and informed them about these problems. In close cooperation with us the developers at Highlite created a new firmware version (V0.6) in which the problems were solved. All information about that and how to update your Showtec Art-Net interface can be found in the following video:

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Transparency information: As a thank-you for our help in solving the problem, we have received a refund for the purchase price of the Art-Net Interface Showtec Net-2/5 from Highlite (via Thomann).

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P. S. : We would like to point out once again the good cooperation with Highlite and the quick reaction.