Association News - 19_CW48 - Extraordinary general meeting last weekend

As in other non-profit associations, there are things that the members of the association have to vote on. For this we usually have our annual meeting, where we all meet somewhere in Germany and where we also hold our annual general meeting for such votes. Usually we try to put things like changes to the Articles of Association (which require a prior notice to all members) on the annual meeting because there are many members present anyway. However, it happens that we decide some things at the annual meeting that require an amendment to the Articles of Association. So, like now on the last weekend an extraordinary general meeting becomes necessary in order not to have to wait a whole year up to the next annual meeting.

In concrete terms, this time it was about the reorganisation of our contribution structures. Up to now members of DMXControl Projects e.V. have not paid a contribution and this was also stated in our statutes. In order to be able to act more flexibly here, we would like to outsource the contribution amount for association members to the contribution order. In addition we would like to raise now a small amount from our club members. After the corresponding approval by the members last weekend, the entry in the register of associations will follow, so that our amendments to the statutes become valid. This is now the next step.

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