Association News 23_CW50 - Visiting Lichtergesindel in christmas time

Of course, we were there for a reason. Because the “Lichtergeseindel” team has been using DMXControl for many years to play the fantastic shows to match the music. And on the first Sunday of Advent there is traditionally a big premiere with mulled wine, punch and something delicious to eat.

It is a huge effort every year to install the almost 60,000 LEDs and a few classic lamps. This year there was icy cold down to -9 °C on Sunday and lots of snow from Friday to Saturday. Everything was hidden almost 50 cm deep under white flakes. At these temperatures there are certainly technical problems and so, as a precaution, we arrived a little earlier to help if necessary. And that was immediately the case. Thanks to Stefan's use of the soldering iron, broken cables and soldering joints were quickly repaired an hour before the show started. The "Twinkle Tree", a matrix of strands with 2,000 individually controllable RGB LEDs in the shape of a 10 m high Christmas tree, was then able to shine 100% in the show again.

Around 800 visitors were amazed at the new program and were shown an encore for their applause.

In order to realize all of this, well over 100 effects are created in the DMX control, from which the shows are put together. Until version 3.3 is released, version 2 will still be used. There, in the audio player (in the new version it will be called Timecode Player), the effects are started or ended exactly to the music. This approach allows you to incorporate proven elements quite quickly without having to build a show from scratch every time.

Some of the house's "animations" are built with rope lights that turn on and off in different segments. For example, the feet of the galloping reindeer Rudolph are bent with wire in all seven gallop phases and then provided with LEDs. Only by switching gears in the correct order does the illusion arise that Rudolph is pulling the sleigh with a lot of momentum.

With a lot of imagination and attention to detail, the Licher rabble comes up with a new project every year. It is slowly becoming difficult to even say what was already there and where the innovation is hidden. So it remains exciting and this project is definitely worth a trip.

If you are nearby and want to take a trip, a brief summary (the website is having technical problems at the time of this article,

  • In the past, the lighting has always been on from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and the music show takes place every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. until the end of the year.
  • Please park in the parking lot at the elementary school (82343 Pöcking, Sternweg 1) or take the S-Bahn (S6, Possenhofen stop) and then walk about 250 to 500 m to Beccostraße 11.

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