Association News - 23_CW26 - Sturm, Shows, grandMA und was sonst noch lief

Stefan No. 1 - our second chairman and designated developer of DMXControl 2, meanwhile our hardware special case expert - was looking forward to an open-air weekend in Braunschweig for a long time. Due to the announced thunderstorm, the already adjusted schedule for the setup of stage as well as light and sound equipment was adjusted again in wise foresight and postponed to Friday. In the end, however, the open-air event had to be cancelled at short notice. The event area was closed due to storm damage on the surrounding trees. Thus, Stefan could use the current beta of DMXControl 3 on this weekend only in a dry run and test the one or other times.

The second (the third) Stefan (in the club) was in directly the second weekend in a row in Kassel on the way. On this June weekend it was a matter of providing technical support for a trade fair. In the context of this technical support DMXControl 3 was also used, in order to let shine here different spotlights for the back walls of the exhibition booths in the enterprise colors of the respective exhibitors. The decision for a DMX control was here above all owed to the structure. Thus, the accessibility of the lamps was temporally completely detached from everything and the color could be adapted even with an already equipped exhibition booth. He also used the current beta of DMXControl 3.3, because it is also important in the beta test to build projects from scratch every now and then. According to experience such concrete applications bring again and again errors to light, which possibly would not have been found at all with the simple tests at home "under laboratory conditions".

Only Jens-Peter was a kind of stranger to "us" this weekend and had nothing to do with DMXControl (3). He was allowed to stand in front of a grandMA for the first time. Especially for him as an inveterate “DMXController” and meanwhile also core developer of DMXControl 3 an absolute novelty. However, due to scheduling reasons he was not able to attend the actual show. So, it was primarily the preparation of the project, which he could attend and thus gain corresponding insights beyond the usual horizon. When he reported on this in our weekly project meeting, the eyes of all the others present naturally grew wide. Is Jens-Peter going to work on a grandMA in the future? Before this thought could be spun to the end, a very essential statement was made: "The grandMA is fancy and beautiful, but it won't be able to solve my deep attachment to DMXControl 3 anytime soon. After all, in contrast to the grandMA I have the possibility with DMXControl 3 to also accommodate own features and to perpetuate myself with it in the long run".

Apropos perpetuate: You already know one contribution of Jens-Peter in DMXControl 3.3, namely the new project administration. We have presented this to you in detail in the context of our Livestream "gRPC live! Another function, where he is significantly involved, is close to completion, which can then be tested in detail by our beta tester team in the next beta version. We won't reveal exactly which function it is at this point. But you will be brought up to date in one of the next news again, how it stands around DMXControl 3.3. So be curious.

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