We present: fresh air for our shop

In the course of the redesign of our web presence, our web-shop was also on the to-do list and should also appear in the same design. But after this point was pushed quite intensively at the beginning of the project, this changed and it came to a standstill - in the end, unfortunately, even several years. In the club's internal WhatApp group, there were the last statements about this in April 2018.

In the meantime, an extremely large amount has happened. And in the end, it took a two-week vacation of our shop manager Maik and the associated paused shop operation, that the topic of shop design came back into focus. It turned out that the not really intended hibernation of the project was not good - or somehow it was. Due to the continuous development of our shop system itself, the new design was no longer executable under the current version. This meant that all changes made so far for the design had to be re-integrated into a fresh base state of the design. Newly emerging problems also had to be addressed. It was not a simple plug & play. On the other hand, the new design now runs under the current version, so we (hopefully) have peace for some time and can easily install the appearing security updates etc.

But what is actually new now? Basically, our shop now finally fits into the design of our other websites. Header, menu, the colors in general and the footer pick up known elements. Furthermore, we have restructured the categories a bit, so that we now distinguish more clearly between do-it-yourself and ready-built products. Also, the one or other product picture and different product description got a small update during the design renewal. And speaking of product descriptions: like all our websites, our shop now speaks two languages, German, and English.

In the coming weeks we would like to release and optimize some more things. One of them is to complete the English translation of product descriptions. But we would also like to offer you coordinated product bundles, with which you can put all the components we offer, for example for the Nodle U1, directly into your shopping cart with one click. You are also welcomed to add one or two items from the merchandise section - such as a laser-engraved stainless-steel cup or an embroidered shower towel. By buying a product from this area, you are also supporting our association's work.

What has changed for you? Nothing in that sense. Since it is only a new design, all your data on orders already placed will remain the same. Also, your access will work as usual.

In any case, we wish you a lot of fun in our new old shop - maybe you'll find something you've been looking for for a while. If you find any inconsistencies while browsing, please let us know.

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo