Association News - 23_CW47 - After a livestream is before the next one

After what felt like an eternity, we finally returned live and in person on our YouTube channel in mid-October. And with a topic that should be of interest to many of you: MIDI in DMXControl 3. Up to now, we had always ignored the area of MIDI in many places, but in view of the corrections made in DMXControl 3.3.0, it was time once again for us to devote ourselves to the topic in some detail.

This not only included a general insight into the topic of MIDI. We used several examples to show you how DMXControl 3.2.3 and the upcoming 3.3.0 currently work. First and foremost, it's about an exemplary setup of a MIDI controller - but in the end it's also about how you can integrate a MIDI controller into your project. In our livestream, we delved deeper into the input assignment in the back part and, among other things, built a connection set to generically address a complete executor train with a MIDI controller. Even though all these connection sets were created under the heading "MIDI in DMXControl 3", they can also be used for other control paths with just a few simple steps, as mentioned in the livestream.

So that you can now quickly jump to the relevant topics in the livestream afterwards, you will now find corresponding chapter markers in the video description in the usual manner.

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But why is the title of the news now "after the livestream is before the livestream"? We have started planning our next livestream, especially so that we don't "fall from all clouds" during the upcoming Advent season. We won't be revealing the content at this point. You can wait until the official announcement. But what we can already say today: the next livestream is expected to take place between December 27 and 29, 2023 - at our generally known start time from around 8:00 pm. So, make a rough note of the time period. All details will follow in due course.

Until then, enjoy the first part of this year's Advent season.

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