Association News - 23_CW11 - Are there still any news?

You might have noticed that our news have been coming very irregularly for quite some time. So we would like to use this news to give you some background information.

The factor time, which we often mention, is only an accompanying factor for the not so consistent appearance of the numerous innovations or changes, which keep us busy in the club. Rather we have to fight rather in the truest sense of the word with the fact that there is not too much to report for quite some time, with which we can fill then a weekly news content wise. In parts there are even one or two ideas. But sometimes this idea is not (anymore) suitable for a news and therefore has to be postponed. Or we had an idea, which can be converted into a news only after the completion of other points and therefore lands for the moment on our internal watch list.

In the end, it is our intention to offer you an added value by publishing a news item. For this reason, it makes little sense to find a potential topic with cramp or to give a dull "sign of life" from us every week. Likewise, the topics should also offer a certain variety. Now and then we put a focus in one area, but this focus can of course not persist over several weeks.

We already reported on the point "why is there (sometimes) no news?" in February 2021. Previously, the area of the summer vacations was indirectly considered a guarantee that the club's work continues in parts, but nothing newsworthy can be extracted from it. But as you notice, we have currently no vacations and nevertheless it is rather quiet in the news area.

The fact that we currently have difficulties with finding a meaningful and also diversified topic, we can indirectly even prove statically to a certain extent. Our weekly project meetings currently consist very often only of our standard procedure. This includes giving a rough status update on personal activities, looking into our club email inbox and considering whether we can find a topic for the news of the coming week and how the development progress on DMXC 3.3 is. After these items, TOPs for the project meeting ended last for the most part and so did the official part of our project meeting. "Real" additional topics, which then generate a lot of discussion on the one hand, but also follow-up actions on the other hand, have been rather rare for several months.

As a result, we regularly refrained from publishing them in the past months. And as things stand today, this situation will most likely continue for quite a while. But as you have seen, news is still on the agenda of our project meetings. With this news we would like to inform you at the end that for the reasons mentioned above a certain regularity is not presentable at the moment.

:dmxclogo Your DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo