We proudly present: The release of DMXControl 3.2.2!

This time it is short and sweet: We hereby present you the latest version of DMXControl 3 - version 3.2.2. Despite Corona we were able to implement some new features in the past months, but most importantly fix numerous bugs since the release of the last version in July 2020. So, what are the highlights in DMXControl 3.2.2?

  • All newly created projects turn out much smaller and are loaded and saved faster
  • Relative values for almost all numeric device functions make their way into DMXControl 3
  • The mixing of several scene lists with LTP, HTP and LoTP was revised again and follows now a uniform concept
  • Several additional parameters for example in the matrix effect "Plasma" have been added
  • In the Input Assignment several new nodes were inserted, as well as existing ones were optimized
  • The German translation has been further improved
  • Profiles are now available for controlling macro boards (e. g. StreamDeck)
  • Additional information on the icons in the stage view
  • Various improvements to controls in the Softdesk
  • New plugins for the control of NanoLeaf panels as well as the control consoles of the manufacturer MakeProAudio

Download: https://dmxcontrol.de/download…/59-aktuelle-version.html

Releasenotes: https://dmxcontrol.de/dmxcontrol-3/releasenotes.html

Now it is time to wish you again a lot of fun with the new version,

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo

PS: We have also presented a selection of these highlights to you in our Big DMXControl 3.2.2 Release Show.