We proudly present: The release of DMXControl 3.2.0!

Those of you, who has followed our news in the last months know that we have been working intensively since the beginning of the year to finish DMXControl 3.2. The tests were very complex and took a long time. But the waiting time was worth it, when you take a look on the change list of DMXControl 3.2! First the new Input Assignment, which is now much more efficient than the old one and should therefore be able to cope with larger projects in the future. The new Softdesk redefines the control via DMXControl 3 with its complete integration and appealing new user interface. With the new dark theme, DMXControl 3 now offers a pleasant desktop even in dark environments. And for all those who were deterred by the English user interface, DMXControl 3 now offers a German user interface ad the possibility to add other languages. In order to underline the enormous amount of changes the following (incomplete) list show the highlights of DMXControl 3.2:

  • New Input Assignment
  • New Softdesk
  • Dark theme
  • German translation
  • Electricity management
  • Radix support
  • New Fanning Operators (|, |, ?, ??,##)
  • Programmer controllable via inputs
  • Speedmaster
  • Playback Master
  • Grandmaster (new buttons)
  • Groupmaster (new buttons)
  • Auto Save
  • Close dialog
  • Connection to DDF Library
  • Favourites for devices
  • CSV export for devices
  • Matrix blending (color blend)
  • Visual Copy in StageView (AliasIcon)
  • Diaphragm Slider
  • Artnet with 16 Output-Universes and 8 Input-Universes (because DMXC supports only 8 Input-Universes)
  • Optimised channel overview
  • Executor Button Assignment
  • Optimized matrix patching
  • New effects: "Epitrochoid, Hypotrochoid, PWM";
  • Redesign of several windows and transfer to the graphics card (Gobo Affinity, Image Selector, Color List, Gobo List, Programmer)
  • Improved master window
  • MIDI as a fixed implementation (especially setup and configuration)
  • Environment variables (DMXC3_PROFILE_3_2 and DMXC3_PROFILE_3_2_0)
  • New features in DDFs rawranges, electrical, radix
  • Gobo Correlation on the graphics card
  • LTP, HTP, LoTP mixture of properties
  • Auto Color for RGB+
  • sACN Output Plugin
  • Beat source in Cuelist options
  • Basic audio support

The download can be found here: https://www.dmxcontrol.de/down…/59-aktuelle-version.html

You can find a detailed changelog here: https://www.dmxcontrol.de/dmxcontrol-3/releasenotes.html

Finally an important note: your Softdesks as well as all links in the Input Assignment from your existing projects are not compatible with DMXControl 3.2 due to the fundamental changes and will not be converted! So make a backup of all projects you want to use with DMXControl 3.2 before. Please plan for the new creation of the Softdesk as well as the new set-up of keyboard control, DMX-In, MIDI (just all control possibilities, which run over the Input Assignment) according to time. An update shortly before a show is therefore not recommended.

Another change concerns the beat-controlled cuelists, if you have addressed them in the past via the Beat Tool. The signal source is now selected in the cuelist options under the Beat source item. The path via the Input Assignment is not needed any more.

We hope, you will have fun with DMXControl 3.2 on your events!

P.S.: If you haven't seen it yet, here is our release trailer for DMXControl 3.2:

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