We proudly present: The release of DMXControl 3.1.3!

In the last weeks DMXControl 3.1.3 has been intensively tested in order to release it this year. Today the time has finally come and we release DMXControl 3.1.3. The developers have worked intensively on this version and have made a total of almost 130 commits with some small, but also quite large changes to the source code compared to DMXControl 3.1.2. Many bugs were fixed, including problems with autoprepare, the beat module in DMXControl 3 and the fanning of time values in cuelists. Some of the new features are cuelist priorities, support for TPM2 files, an undo function in cuelists and the posibility to change the executor page order.

You'll find the Download here: https://www.dmxcontrol.de/en/d…y/60-current-version.html

The Changelog can be seen here: https://www.dmxcontrol.de/en/dmxcontrol-3/releasenotes.html

We hope, you will have fun with DMXControl 3.1.3 on your events!

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo