Association News - 20_CW41 - Onboarding and moving to DMXControl 3

DMXControl 2 is with many still in all mouth. But so slowly the use of DMXControl 2 inclines itself ever more a (possible) end. As already again and again times with different contributions indicated, DMXControl 2 is not developed any longer. Also, the use on Windows 10 runs therefore on own danger - because with each Windows update can be terminated at short notice. For DMXControl 2 Windows 8.1 is the last operating system, which is officially supported by our side.

Some people are quite aware of this point, which is why the question about support when changing from DMXControl 2 to DMXControl 3 is asked again and again. To answer these questions in a more orderly way - especially with regard to "how does it work ... in DMXControl 3?" - in the meantime we have updated the Wiki with an article on how to quickly get started with DMXControl 3 and a guide to switching to the latest version. After all, there have been quite detailed articles from our side, which we have now seen and put into the Wiki. There are already for a long time articles, which actually argued with this question. However, both articles still came from the time when DMXControl 3 was still in the beta test or was published just as DMXControl 3.0.0 (that was, by the way, on the 12/24/2014). By the massive development of the documentation to DMXControl 3 such can profit now also these Quickstart-Guides, because you find to many points by numerous cross references appropriate resuming and above all detailed information.

These two articles, around which this news revolves, you can call up under the following links or reach under the mentioned title about the search in the German DMXControl Wiki:

Have fun exploring - of course by using some automatic translation services at the moment. And if you have any questions or remarks about the articles, we are of course happy to read about them in the forum. But beware: these articles also "live" and will develop further with time.

By the way: the documentation is like the software development. Even if you have a certain goal in mind for the long term, there are still times when you as an author or developer have to deal with external factors that make it difficult to achieve it. In this specific case, the articles that we present today have been published in the documentation section. One of the most long-term goals in the area of the documentation (in particular to DMXControl 3) remains to bring the well-known tutorial also in contents on the current conditions to bring, how it the manual in the past months already "lived through" and still "lives through".

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