Developer News - 24_CW24 - The results of our 2024 interface survey

First of all, a big thank you to all participants who completed the survey in full. In fact, 117 participants took part this year. This gives us a reliable picture of your current usage behavior in this area.

We can see straight away that Art-Net is now much more important to you than it was seven years ago. We are talking about an almost doubling of the usage - and even more so if we also include sACN, which is also a protocol for the network-based transmission of DMX data. Apart from that, we are pleased that the percentage usage of our Nodle interfaces has also increased. After all, you are supporting the work of our association, for example to finance the operation of our IT infrastructure, which ultimately benefits you. The most prominent example here is of course our forum or the wiki.

Otherwise, the use of the DMX interfaces supported by us in DMXControl 3 is mixed, as you can see in the graphic. We have combined the new results with those from our 2017 survey so that you can make a comparison. Please note, however, that the 2017 survey was designed as an open survey in the sense that the answers were given by you in the form of a response to our question here in the forum or on our social media channels. As you know, we only introduced the survey tool with our "big" user survey.

If we then focus on the use of your DMX interfaces with the current release candidate of DMXControl 3.3.0, it is confirmed that we need to improve the Enttec USB DMX512 Pro and Eurolite USB-DMX512-PRO MK2 in particular. This is because all of you confirmed in the survey that these DMX interfaces can still be used with DMXControl 3.2.3 without any problems. Unfortunately, we cannot say where the error has crept in at the moment. Further in-depth investigations are required here. In our live Q&A, however, we presented a temporary workaround that allows you to temporarily send the DMX values from DMXControl 3.3.0 to your interface via DMXControl 3.2.3 with the help of DMX-In-DMX-Out patching and thus carry out various tests.

We hope to have helped you a little further with the results - they were definitely helpful and important for us. Otherwise, we are confident that we will soon be able to inform you that the Enttec USB DMX512 Pro and Eurolite USB-DMX512-PRO MK2 in particular are working properly again in DMXControl 3.3.0. Until then, however, we ask for a little patience.

Yours :dmxclogo DMXControl Team :dmxclogo