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If you develop and offer a software like DMXControl 3, then there is often a large problem: The feedback. How important are features of a software? How often are they used? In which way are they used? But above all: What can still be improved? The answers to these and many other questions that one a developer (-team) ask themselves are usually only given indirectly. Based on the questions in the forum about a certain area (such as the Input Assignment), you can draw the conclusion that it is used rather frequently. But is there still room for improvement in the software or is there some documentation missing on how to use a feature? In addition, the bug tracker naturally only contains problems (which is in the nature of it). But how well a software part works is not known. If there are no reports in the bug tracker for a software part, this can either mean that no one has anything to complain about, or that the feature is simply not being used.

Therefore we start now the big DMXControl survey. Is DMXControl 3 already the lighting control software of your choice? Then you can tell us directly which functions you use in DMXControl 3, what you like and where you think there is still room for improvement (and why). We would like to get a better picture of how DMXControl 3 in particular but also lighting equipment in general is used in our community. If you don't use DMXControl 3 yet, we are interested why you still prefer to use DMXControl 2 (or any other lighting control software).

The survey takes about 15min, it is anonymous and it includes several parts. First of all we ask general questions about your usage of lighting equipment in general (among other things where you use lighting equipment and which possibilities of control you use). In the main part we will then - if you use DMXControl 3 regularly - go into DMXControl 3 and its software parts in more detail. Here we ask several questions about the usage and how you evaluate different program parts. The last part are questions to various other topics around our projects (among other things the homepages, the DDFLibrary etc.).

You can find the survey at: (Currently, there are problems on mobile devices when using Mobile Firefox. Therefore please use another browser or the desktop Firefox!)

As a small thank-you, we will raffle off a total of five surprise packages among all participants who so desire. In one of this package will be a shower / bath towel with an exclusive DMXControl-Projects embroidery. The participation in the raffle is optional. You will find all information at the end of the survey.

We ask you to support us with your participation in the survey to improve our projects further. You are also welcome to forward the link to the survey to your friends and acquaintances, especially if they also have corresponding contact points with (computer-) controlled (show-) light.

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