Association News - 19_CW50 - Our publicly accessible rules

Sure, you know it from other places, too: If many people with different opinions come together, sometimes tensions can arise between different people in discussions, which can lead to displeasure among those involved. This is no different in an online forum, especially since only a fraction of the information is transmitted at the text level than when you are on the phone or even facing each other personally. In this context, the four-ear model by Friedemann Schulz von Thun is certainly also familiar to you. Therefore, it happens very fast on text level that a message is misunderstood.

Luckily, we now have a very friendly and helpful community with you and there are very few quarrels. So, we only have to intervene in very few places in order to preserve the friendly cooperation and the pleasant atmosphere. Especially new members in the community have the opportunity to ask questions that some others may be able to answer in their sleep. Insults, racism and sexism are practically no topic. Therefore, our moderative work is mainly limited to preventing spam, customizing unfortunate post formatting, and moving threads to the right sub-forums.

Nevertheless, a forum like ours needs a few publicly accessible rules that everyone should follow. Especially with regard to our work as moderators of the forum, it should be clear what is allowed, what is not and how we react to an event. In order to increase transparency and give you an insight into our way of working, we have taken this point into account a few months ago with our forum guidelines. We would now like to use this news to draw attention to these guidelines once again. These states, for example, how we classify advertising and which forms are permissible. You will also find a description of when a post needs to be revised and how we will process it. Warnings and sanctions are also shown in tabular form here.

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