We proudly present: The release of DMXControl 3.1.1!

In may, we already announced that our beta testers started with tests of the new version DMXControl 3.1.1 and that we want to release it soon. But in the tests, some problems came up and we wanted to fix them first before we release. Now, the time has come and we proudly present DMXControl 3.1.1! The developers have used the extra time and integrated not less than 110 improvements and bugfixes. Highlights of the new version are the new strobe modes, the changeable function units (m, s, hz, °,...), the support for both decimal mark types (comma and point) and the new predefined color areas for amber, lime and ultaviolet. As usual, you can find a complete list of all changes on the DMXControl homepage.

Warning: Please backup your project files first, before open them with DMXControl 3.1.1. In addition, please check your DDFs for correct strobe ranges (in both, the DDF folder and the projects)! With such a wrong DDF, the project does not load in DMXControl 3.1.1.

Now, we hope your projects will succeed and you will enjoy the new DMXControl version!

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl team :dmxclogo