Developer News - 24_CW15 - Interface survey (again)

Some of you may have already noticed both here in the forum and during our livestream last week: in the current versions of DMXControl 3.3.0, not all DMX interfaces work the way they used to under DMXControl 3.2.3. To a certain extent, we had to fear that such a problem could occur with the RC versions.

However, it is precisely in the area of DMX interfaces that the question of "does it work or doesn't it work" is subject to significantly more factors than an error within DMXControl 3 itself. We do have the information that two DMX interfaces are not yet working with DMXControl 3.3.0. Conversely, however, we do not yet have any reliable information as to whether there may be cases where the same DMX interfaces are working after all - or whether there may even be other DMX interfaces that are not working. In addition, not all DMX interfaces that DMXControl 3 supports are physically available to us permanently for testing.

We have now taken this problem or fact as an opportunity to prepare a small survey. We are not only addressing the problem with the DMX interfaces under DMXControl 3.3.0, but we are also updating our data regarding your use of the DMX interfaces available for DMXControl 3. We strongly assume that your needs have changed here. So, you can help us in two ways.

The link to our survey is: The survey is translated to English natively and is open until 08.05.2024 at 20:00. We would like to thank you in advance for your support in completing the survey. We are very excited to see the results and how usage has changed compared to our survey in September 2017.

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl Team :dmxclogo