Developer News - 19_CW10 - Livestream Reminder

As reported we would like to broadcast our first Live Q&A about DMXControl 3 on Saturday, 2019/03/09 at 8pm. Here we would like to answer your questions about DMXControl 3. However, so far only very few questions have been posted in the question collection thread, which by far do not fill the time we have scheduled. Since such a livestream is connected with a certain technical effort, it is worthwhile only if also a certain measure of questions are to be discussed. Otherwise we have to interpret this in a way that there are probably no questions about DMXControl 3 in the community and therefore no need for a Live Q&A. So feel free to write your questions in the collecting thread and watch the livestream (in German, but afterwards with English subtitles).

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo