Live-Q&A about DMXControl 3: Questions-Thread

  • In this thread you can post your questions about DMXControl 3, which we will address in the livestream on 2019/04/06 at 8pm. We will sort them and try to address as many of them as possible. However, depending on the number of questions, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to answer all of them. The basis is DMXControl 3.1.3.

    Questions can be of the following types:

    • General questions about operation
    • Questions about functions of DMXControl 3
    • Questions on how to proceed in DMXControl 3 in certain cases
    • Questions about specific tags in DDFs or in the DDF creation process
    • Questions about handling interfaces (general)

    Questions that are not answered because they are not the target of this livestream:

    • "When does DMXControl X or Program X be available?";
    • "When does function X be available in DMXControl 3?";
    • Questions about a specific DMX interface
    • Questions about specific DDFs
    • Questions about DMXControl 2
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  • Thread is closed because the Live-Q&A was on 2019/04/06 at 8pm.

    DMXControl 3 Live-Q&A:

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    im Falle eines Falles klebt Gaffa einfach alles, denn Gaffa ist dein Freund und Helfer :thumbup:

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