We proudly present: DMXControl 3.3.0 - the second release candidate!

Around ten weeks have now passed since we made the first release candidate for DMXControl 3.3.0 available to you. A few things have changed in the meantime, so it is now time to publish another release candidate. Usually, RC versions are primarily used to fix bugs that have been noticed in the otherwise almost finished feature set. However, we have also added two small functions that did not make it into RC1.

What happened during this time?

Our development team had looked at some of the reported problems over the past few weeks and corrected them with the second release update. The following bugs, some of which were somewhat annoying, have been fixed:

As can be seen, on the one hand, a few things have been fixed in the timecode player, as FS#5213, FS#5220, FS#5239 and FS#5262 show. For example, the penultimate bug caused it to be difficult to position a cuelist block correctly within a cuelist track. The latter bug meant that cuelists could not be deleted from the timecode player under certain circumstances. On the other hand, problems have also been fixed in other areas of DMXControl, such as the Input Assignment and the Project Explorer.

The two new features revolve around the Audio Analyzer and the translation. In DMXControl 3.2.3, the Audio Analyzer was a plug-in supplied with the installer. During the creation of the installer for RC1, the Audio Analyzer was not yet adapted to DMXControl 3.3.0 and was therefore not included in the delivery. This has changed in the meantime and it is now part of the installer again (as are seven other plugins in the meantime). However, there have been no functional optimizations to the Audio Analyzer.

We are also very pleased that we can now also deliver a new translation: Japanese. Shortly after Christmas, we were contacted by a DMXC user whose native language is Japanese and who wanted to help us with the translation. Thanks to his tireless efforts, he translated DMXControl 3.3.0 and all its components, including the installer, within a very short time. We would like to thank him very much for his work!

In the meantime, there have also been some questions about the first release candidate, which have been discussed in the forum. We tried to emphasize these in the title. This way, you can see if there are specific topics about RC1 - and now also RC2.

What should you look out for?

In our news about the release of DMXControl 3.3.0 RC1, we already gave you a few important tips along the way. These also apply with the release of this new version.

DMXControl 3

.net frameworks

All four packages must be installed on the PC! Normally the installer takes care of this. However, if there are problems when running DMXControl 3.3.0 RC2, first try to install the following runtimes manually.

And what else?

With the release of Release Candiate 1 of DMXControl 3.3.0, we announced that we would be organizing a live Q&A on DMXControl 3.3.0 with you and for you. We have now also picked a date for this: make a note of Thursday, April 4th, 2024. We will answer your questions from around 8 o’clock. You can note these in the question collection thread created especially for this purpose.

Our closing words

We would like to say a first thank you. We were happy about your feedback in several respects. You like the new functions such as the timecode player, the masters and much more. As mentioned above, you were still able to identify various bugs. But in the end, the software seems to run without any major problems for most of you.

Yours :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo