Developer News - 22_CW23 - OS Update!

The introduction describes the topic quite straight forward. Besides DMXControl, also the environment we are operating in has changed since the last release. For example Windows as an operation system, as well as a lot of frameworks and librarys we use. In fact this means that from our current assumption, DMXControl 3.3 will most likely not support Windows 7 as an OS any more.

The technical reason is quite easy. Substantial changes have been made to the whole connectivity and network stack, therefore new frameworks needed to be added. Additionally we as non profit organisation can't afford the additional effort to support legacy operation systems. In our development environment nobody is using Windows 7 any more, as Microsoft discontinued it already 2+ years ago, in the beginning of 2020. So whether or not DMXControl 3 runs on Windows 7 is nothing we consider during development, nor is it something we test. From our current standpoint the released Version DMXControl 3.2.3 will be the last that we officially support running on Windows 7.

To give you as our users the possibility to deal with this information we decided to inform you this early. It's not unusual that light computers are seperate computers, disconnected from the Internet and not up to date in terms of operation systems. We hope that with this early notice you have enough time to deal with the situation.

The final test if and how DMXControl 3.3 runs on Windows 7 is something that we will do, as soon as we have a final build. Independend of the results, there are some things for sure: If it runs, then just by coincidence. We will not spent any development effort to enable DMXControl 3.3 for Windows 7. Also, if there are problems that are caused by Windows 7 as an OS, we will not provide any support to fix them. Therefore the safest way is upgrading your light computers OS to a current version of Windows.

If you have trouble taking a decision, feel free to ask your questions in our forum. We are sure the community will help you. If you understand German, you can also have a look into our past and future Live-Streams. The next one is scheduled on 7th of November at 20:00. Details about the content will follow in the future, but you can already block your schedule.

Best regards

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