Our Nodle R4S lottery: the application period has started

We had already announced some time ago that we, as DMXControl Projects e.V., would like to support schools and / or non-profit organizations to get into DMX-controlled lighting technology. As you know, this is one of the purposes of our association. In addition to the development of PC-supported lighting control software, the associated general support via our forum or the development of suitable hardware, we also want to provide support in this way and impart appropriate knowledge to newcomers to the world of DMX. As we know that many people often only have limited financial resources and the purchase of such an interface can be a certain hurdle, we would like to give away five Nodle R4S DMX interfaces as part of our club anniversary this year.

You can apply now. Just tell us in a few words who you are and what you would use our Nodle R4S for if you won. For example, are you a theater group and would like to use it to address your stage lights? Or do you use various spotlights to create special light installations as part of a charitable art project? Are you responsible for a youth facility where a few DMX-controlled spotlights are installed in the club room? We look forward to receiving numerous submissions - including, of course, examples other than those mentioned.

But what exactly is the Nodle R4S that we are giving away as part of this promotion? Our Nodle R4S is a USB DMX interface that we developed ourselves, which forms the interface between lighting control software such as DMXControl 3 and any lighting effect that can be addressed via the DMX protocol. The Nodle R4S - in short "Nodle ready for show" - is sent to you ready to use. It can be used on any PC and does not require the explicit installation of a special driver. In addition to its robust and durable design, another key feature is that the interface can be operated in various combinations for receiving and sending DMX data. This means that our Nodle R4S can also be used with an old, simple DMX console to either control any functions in DMXControl 3 or to control a selection of simple spotlights together with DMXControl 3. All this takes place in the interface itself, ensuring correct and constant output of the DMX values in accordance with the specification. In addition, all connections are galvanically isolated from each other so that the connected PC is not damaged if a spotlight malfunctions. You can find a few more technical details on the project page for the Nodle R4S.

Our lottery runs until 31.08.2024. The five interfaces will be raffled off among all properly received applications. As we want to make sure that the Nodle R4S DMX interfaces end up in good hands, we have put together the conditions of participation and the entry form on our dedicated website.

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