Association News - 21_CW37 - Any sweets for your nerves?

Whether golden bears in different colors, smaller bars with a coating of chocolate, various fruits from local cultivation or from overseas, small pastilles, which may also be a little more sour or other treats from the confectionery rule of the supermarket. The entire team is always up for a snack when the hours at the PC are getting longer. Often it really is a sweet distraction and pulls you out of the tunnel for a short moment. A small moment of pure relaxation for body and mind to collect thoughts for the next lines of code, contact points on boards or new words in the wiki.

Of course, everything in moderation and not in masses. Our club meetings we take out at this point. The fact that there is an above-average consumption of products that are rather intended for children and teenagers has become a certain tradition. It started at one of the developer meetings, DevCon, sometime between 2016 and 2018. Historically, this can no longer be traced very precisely. At the latest since our annual meeting in 2020, everyone has been infected with it. But always true to our motto: if you don't like it, you won't be forced into it. Mostly in the craving for these products then satisfied for a certain time.

A craving for such nerve food is just not basically satisfied, which brings us back to the introductory words. It is of course very nice to always be able to find a little something for the nerves in the cupboard. But we're particularly pleased when even the parcel carrier has a surprise in store for us in the form of a package with very tasty contents - and above all, completely unexpected. All those who follow our social media channels should now have no small aha experience. Since it now arises, we would like to send in this context again a fat thank you to the completely unknown donor. Of course - and this should be said here in all clarity - this should please not degenerate now, and you throw us with packages full of candy. In the long run and in the masses this would not be effective.

But if you still want to support us with the supply of various afters, we can give you a little tip. A well-known confectionery manufacturer from our "old" federal capital has started an action, which runs under the title "club friends" (in German “Vereinsfreunde”). On a selection of products of this manufacturer you will find beside the reference to this action also appropriate action codes. If you like and these products end up in your shopping cart anyway, we would be happy if you think of us after opening the package. By the way, "DMXC" is sufficient as a search term on the corresponding promotion page. But we are not angry with you, if you want to support other associations directly from your region with the action codes.

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