DMXControl Convention 2021 the second one - Special No. 5 - Half time

Today, several major program items were on the agenda for the entire round. After breakfast we started with this year's annual general meeting. According to schedule, we had to elect a new board as well as the cash auditor. For this reason, we did not hold the annual general meeting during our first meeting on Ascension Day. Experience has shown that it is easier to hold such important elections in person. And this experience was confirmed once again, especially since there were no changes in three of the four positions on the board. The new occupation of the fourth position resulted primarily also only from the point that by other obligation an adequate keeping of the activities was no longer possible.

After a short lunch break, the first workshop of the day was held on the topic of Platform.IO. Here the exchange of experiences was in the foreground, so that the workshop was a short introduction to this development environment for various hardware projects, if one does not want to work with an Arduino IDE. In parallel, a first draft of a DMXControl project was created to control the ambient light more intuitively. This was immediately followed by an update on one of our hardware projects. For the remaining afternoon, the group split up into small groups for work. Our shopping team also went to the nearest supermarket to buy food and dinner. The most important item on the shopping list here, however, was a refrigerated sweet product.

The third workshop of the evening then started after dinner. The content of this workshop revolved around the topic of WPF, or more precisely, a brief introduction. Since the new Softdesk has found its way into DMXControl 3.2, this framework has become indispensable. It offers numerous advantages in terms of design options, performance and, above all, the fact that elements can be designed virtually live. An initial hurdle here is the somewhat more complex structure compared to Windows Forms, on the basis of which a large number of elements of the GUI of DMXControl 3 still exist. Since our developer team from the technological progress can make slowly, but surely no more bow around WPF, this workshop should lay evenly first bases.

In the meantime, the day is slowly winding down. The first team members have already gone to their well-deserved sleep, after the last night was comparatively short for some of them.

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