DMXControl Convention 2021 - Special No. 8 - The dev day

As we nailed down the main topics for the meeting, it became apparent that today was in the hands of the development team. Right away this morning, the day started with our first two guests of the meeting. They reported to the whole team about their study work and showed the intermediate state of their project. Immediately afterwards, a familiar face joined our group. This round was about an outlook on a further control possibility of DMXControl 3, which opens with the conversion of the network communication to gRPC. However, it required here also in the first place a staking out of the technical march direction, in order to be able to pull up the project purposefully and lastingly.

After a short breather, a proper developer session is now underway in the afternoon. The focus here is primarily the review of the intended scope of functions for DMXControl 3.3. Here there was the last detailed update in November 2019. Of course, a lot has happened here in the meantime, so that it was just now time to compare the desired scope of functions and the schedule. Otherwise, we are still dealing with a few smaller developer topics, before tonight then another big item on the agenda.

Tonight, we have scheduled our next Quarterly Roadmap Meeting. Together with the beta tester team we will have a look at some points for DMXControl 3, which we do not want to discuss and decide in the usual circle of people yet and therefore put these points on a broader basis. To the topic QRM we have written also some time ago a news.

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