Developer News - 20_CW35 - The QRM Q3/2020

Since a few weeks now the long-awaited version DMXControl 3.2.1 is available. As usual, after the release is right before the next release and so again we worked hard on new features for different, near and far versions of DMXControl 3. The third Quarterly Roadmap Meeting (short QRM) started the day before yesterday evening with an insight into the current development status of these versions. The good news right at the beginning: The conversion to gRPC is practically implemented in the development branch for DMXControl 3.3 apart from a few remaining tasks. Here we are now working hard on the stabilization and error correction of this version. So, it still needs some time to eliminate the errors which have crept in by the exchange of the network communication. But that is quite normal after such a big rebuilding. It is not yet clear when we can start beta testing here. Currently we calculate the schedule for the whole development branch DMXControl 3.3 still with the unit "quarters". Therefore, there will be definitely a version 3.2.2. A first step has already been done by integrating the new features, which were created after the feature freeze at the start of the beta test to 3.2.1, now in the version 3.2.2.

The main time of this QRM will be dedicated to various feature requests that have accumulated in the bug tracker. Thus, there was not much new to see the night before last compared to the last time or to our last live stream. One focus of the discussions was the wish for possibilities to quickly change single scenes or to improve the direct control of devices in the respective project. During the discussion, we were able to identify four tickets that were aimed in the same direction: The possibilities of programming a show with the help of keys and faders - whether on the keyboard, in the Softdesk and all other inputs that appear in the Input Assignment. Finally, it became clear that although the operation in live mode already works very well, the area of programming a show using inputs such as buttons, faders etc. needs to be further developed. Especially if you don't have several screens with a high resolution at your disposal, you will slowly but surely reach the limits of an effective workflow with the mouse.

As the complex of topics concerning the operation in general and programming is quite extensive and very different applications must be considered, we have postponed this discussion. So, we now want to discuss the topic again in one or more larger discussions. A good opportunity for this might be one of our upcoming club meetings, to harmoniously expand our previous concept. But it will probably take some time before the concept is ready. But before that you can look forward to the next versions.

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