Developer News - 21_CW12 - Live-Coding with Arne! #2

At our first "Live-Coding with Arne!" you didn't really know what to expect - and honestly we didn't know that too :saint:. It was an experiment to see if such a format works, where you can directly influence the work of one of our developers and thus the implementation in DMXControl 3. The question was whether watching someone while coding is boring or not. But your reactions to the livestream were very positive. So it is logical to have another livestream of this series. The next one will take place on Saturday, April 3 at 8 pm (in German). In front of the camera you will of course see Arne, who will program for you again. He will be supported by Jens-Peter, who will be the moderator again. So be there when new things for DMXControl 3 are created.

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