Developer News - 21_CW38 - Live-Coding with Arne! #3

The last "Live-Coding with Arne!" was some months ago. Since both previous coding sessions were very well received by you, it's now time for the next round: #3 of this format will go live on Saturday, October 2 starting at 8:00pm on our YouTube channel (in German). Then it's time for coding like crazy.

For those who don't know the format yet: Before the event, we make a pre-selection from the large pool of feature requests in our bug tracker. Our focus is on wishes that can be realized within the evening event. You will then get this pre-selected list, because you can influence the development in several ways at the live coding event itself. On the one hand, you decide which tickets Arne will implement live. There will be a small vote at the beginning for that. On the other hand, we will ask you from time to time how certain aspects of the new features should be implemented. With this you become part of the development process and get the feature the way you want it. Besides that we will of course talk about different topics around the club and DMXControl 3 again. Arne will be supported by Jens-Peter, who will be the other host again. So be there when new features are created for DMXControl 3, because it's worth it.

The following tickets are available for selection:

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